“She laughs without fear of the future…”

As we all know, we have good days and bad days; and sometimes, we have really hard seasons and not-so-hard seasons. Yet, as I’m typing this I ask myself, “Do we really have bad days? Days that are not good? If we serve a good God, can anything happen to us that is not from His loving hand?”

I wrote this prayer a few months ago after I got anxious while going through a season of quietness. Be comforted friends, He still works in the quiet and seemingly insignificant times of our lives. Every second of every day is being pieced together according to His plan and promises. We really do not have to fear the future.

God, you are amazing in the way that you work in our hearts. I used to be so afraid of the future. I used to get so uptight and anxious during the peaks of “good times” in my life, those seasons where everything felt like it was going right. Kind of like right now. And as I was praying this morning the Spirit breathed life into me and allowed me to say, “God, I don’t have to be afraid of the future anymore. And I don’t have to worry that ‘things can only go downhill from here’.” The enemy loves to use that lie against me to steal my joy. Not only have you shown me that you bring extraordinary amounts of discipline and wisdom through the hard times in our lives but now I know that these situations are preparing us for the future. Each situation makes us stronger, allows us to taste a little more of you, and helps us understand you better. Lord, thank you that I can rest in this day alone and not worry about the future. Help me to embrace the lessons and the things you want me to see today. To prepare me for the future. Everything that happens to us has a purpose and if we paid more attention to living in the present, we would retain what was meant to be learned from today so much more. We can trust in you with all our hearts that you equip us for what you have set ahead on our paths. There is no reason to feel anxious if we believe that you do that for us.

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